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Fine Art Mastery Course

Become A Highly Skilled Fine Art Professional In Just 6 Months, Master All The Art Techniques, Principles, Fundamentals & Learn To Build A Successful Art Business

Get Guaranteed Growth & Transformation In Your Drawing & Painting Skills Or 5X Moneyback

Learn Everything About Fine Art That India's Top Colleges Teach... In 6 Just Months

Without Burning Lakhs Of Rupees In Art Institutes & Colleges With Fine Art Certificate

Learn From The Best Without Burning Lakhs Of Rupees In Art Institutes & Colleges

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends

By Rajat Verma

“Founder Of Affect Art”

Meet Your Mentor

Rajat Verma

Founder Of Affect Art

He is a Professional Artist, Topper Of College Of Art Delhi In 2017. He Has Worked With Multiple Galleries and Art Collectors.

I Realized This GAP In India, That Artists Have Less Money To Invest In Their Learnings And No Direction To Market Their Skills/Artworks And Earn Money With That.

That's Why I Decided Help The Artists Who Are Struggling To Grow.

Sold Over 1500+ Artworks All Over The World

Supplied Over 500+ Artworks All Over The World

Worked With Top Art Galleries And Art Collectors

Topper Award From The 2nd Biggest Art College In India

A Brilliant Artwork Made Of Late Amrish Puri For His Fan

A Beautiful Drawing Demonstration By Rajat Verma During Class

Some Other Artworks Made By Him

He Has Also Sold One Of His Artwork at 5.5 Lakh.

Now It's Your Choice, Are You Ready To Build A Thriving Art Skills?

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends

Our Students Transformation In A week

Trial Class Artworks

Our Students Feedback

Syllabus Of This 6 Months Course:

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends

You'll Also Get A Fine Art Mastery Certificate

From “Affect Art” Signed by Rajat Verma, After Completing This Course

Whom Is This Trial Class For?

Art Enthusiasts

Even individuals who do not have immediate plans to pursue a career in art but have a strong passion for the subject can find immense value in "Fine Art Mastery.

Aspiring Artists

Individuals who are passionate about art and want to develop a strong foundation in various art forms can greatly benefit from "Fine Art Mastery.

Professionals in Related Fields

Artists who work in fields like illustration, graphic design, animation, or any other creative industry can benefit from the course.

Hobbyists and Creative Individuals

Those who enjoy art as a hobby or creative outlet can leverage "Fine Art Mastery" to enhance their skills and take their artistic pursuits to the next level.

Art Students

Students pursuing a formal education in art, such as those enrolled in art schools or colleges, can complement their existing curriculum with "Fine Art Mastery.

Self Taught Artists

Individuals who are self-taught or have been practicing art on their own can use "Fine Art Mastery" to further refine their skills and broaden their artistic horizons.

In Short… It is for everyone who wants to Learn Art Principles & Fundamentals In Depth & Build A Successful Art Business

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends

How This Course Will Help You

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends

Still Wondering If This Course Will Help You?

Check All The Boxes That Applies To You

Not Sure Where To Begin My Art Journey To Become A Professional Artist

Even After Wasting Money On Different Courses not Confident On My Skills

I Am a Self Taught Artists Don't Have The Right Direction

I Am A Working Professional Looking To Follow My Passion & Become An Artist

Don't Have Lakhs Of Rupees To Invest In The Art Colleges Or Institutes

I Am Intermediate Level Artist Looking To Learn More And Become A Professional

I Am An Art Teacher Looking To Improve My Skills As Well Get More Students

Want Take Admission In BFA or Any Institutes But Don't Have That Much Money

If You’ve Checked One Or More Than One Boxes Above, Then My Friend You’re

Welcome To The Beginner To Pro Fine Art Mastery Course,

This Course Is Exactly For You, To Solve Your Problems!

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends

Reserve Your Seat

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#1 Week Of Trial Class At Just 199/-

Fine Art Mastery (Beginner to Pro Artist)

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What you’ll

Learn In This Course

Wait There Are


Is It Worth it?

What, Time Or Money?

In Any Case, How Often Do You Think About This While Ordering A Medium Size Pizza
Or Scrolling Social Media, Watching Reels/Shorts For 3-4 Hours?

Decision Is Yours

Take Action And "Start Your Journey To Become A Professional Artist” From Today Or Sit Back And Do Nothing, Sacrifice Your Dream and Only Regret Later

But Remember, If You Do Nothing!

Life Will Be The Same And Your Everyday Will Be The Same, Maybe Even Worse

And After Years, You May Look Back, And Wish With Regret

If Only I Had Taken Action When I Had The Opportunity!

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends

Frequently Asked Questions


Classes will be live and recordings will also be provided along with the task given to perform.


Every Week (Tue & Thu, 8 PM to 10.30 PM)​

Every Week (Sat & Sun, 4 PM to 7 PM)​

New batch starts every Tuesday.



To Join join the classes click on the button given on this website and register for the trial at just Rs. 199 for 1 week.

After that if you love the trial and want to continue then. You can join by paying the full price of ₹1250 – 199 = 1049 for one month.


Yes, certificate will be provided after the completetion of the course.

Yes, you can ask your queries in the class and for support whatsapp community is provided.


Every week we cover a new topic just like,  a Fine Art college syllabus.


If you want to learn art from your home and want to improve your skills and your age is above 18+ you can join this course.

You will get the recordings of the classes and along with the task. You can watch, learn and implement . In case of any doubt you can ask in whatapp group.

Only 1250 Per Month After Trial Ends